Conversation about summer vacation

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When summer starts arriving, conversations with colleagues inevitably include discussion about your vacation plans: When are you on vacation? Where are you going?

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What are you going to do? How long are you going to stay? You can have a fluid conversation and you can express yourself more easily. It was possible, but I really just wanted to have the exact words. I picked the ones that clients ask about the most often in my face-to-face sessions. But if you need more vacation vocabulary, just ask in the comments section.

So, if you want a vicarious vacation to my home state, check out this photo article. Its a great idea that you can accesses website gives you chance to develope your english language skils. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I would love to help you become more fluent in English.

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Online courses in English or private coaching, let me help you improve your English and your confidence today.

No menu assigned! And the survey results are… Thanks to all of you who completed the survey. Your really, really good ideas Several members of the community gave me some great suggestions too: sharing links to English-language media, giving tips for being more productive and progressing faster, creating downloadable vocabulary sheets, offering American business culture tips, and even the fantastic idea of a bilingual newsletter.Your email address will not be published.

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This list of 20 questions is designed to get your ESL students chatting about their own opinions and past experiences with the best season ever.

Do you like summer? Why or why not? Describe the weather in summer in your hometown. What activities can you do in summer? Do you like going to the beach? Can you swim? When did you learn? How did you learn? Do you like sunbathing? What are your favorite summer fruits and vegetables? What else do you like to eat or drink in the summer? Can you recommend a good place to get ice cream? Do you prefer to use an air conditioner or open the windows?

What insects do you often see in summer? What are some things that you liked to do in the summer when you were a child? Do you travel during the summer? Where do you usually go? What holidays do you celebrate in the summer? Does your city have any festivals or parades during the summer? Which ones How do people usually dress during the summer in your hometown?

What types of shoes do you usually wear in the summer? Do you like flip flops? What are the three best things about summer?Duke: You promised to complete all the assignments during the holidays! What did you do in the holidays then, if not this? My brother had an accident and I had to be with him at the hospital. Duke: Oh, yeah!

Conversation on summer vacation

All I got was blue sea and clear sky! Jerry: I need a break myself. Going to apply for a 7-day leave today. Jerry : Yep. My flight got delayed 7 hours.

TESOL/Talking about vacation plans

Then the taxi to the hotel broke down. We welcome your valuable suggestions,comments and queries. We definitely would give our best of the efforts to bring to you lessons with new and better ideas,teaching you English in just 2 minute lessons. Introduction Welcome to twominenglish. Teaching you English through two-minute lessons.

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In this lesson you will learn phrases that you can use to ask your friends about their holidays. How Was Your Vacation? Frank: So, how was your vacation? Brandy: Oh! Frank: Wow! Where did you go?We talk a lot about future events on a daily basis; what we are planning to do, after school or work, for the weekend, next year and in many other cases.

Use a world map, travel brochures and clippings of advertisements of holiday vacations to get students excited and talking about planning vacations. Let them know that there are many words and expressions, which express time in English.

This topic will teach them how to express future time. Are you going on vacation to Spain next year? Yes, I plan to visit Spain for about five weeks. I will stay in Toledo. Will anyone be accompanying you? The last time I visited, I went with my mother. This time both my father and mother will accompany me. What will you do during your trip? Since we all love art, we shall visit the art galleries during the first week. Do you know what the weather will be like?

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Yes, the weather is very beautiful at this time of the year. It will be cool, but not cold. Do you plan to live in Spain? Yes, I am definitely going to live there after my studies. Will you know how to speak Spanish well before leaving? Yes, I am studying Spanish, and these trips will help me to improve. Do you think you will be fluent? Yes, I think I shall achieve a certain degree of fluency. Are you going to visit many cities?

Yes, and we shall also be in France for a few days.

conversation about summer vacation

Will you travel to France by plane or train?Many people travel to new places during their summer vacations. Some go on cruises; other people visit the beach. However, other people like to spend time near home and just relax where they are. How about you? What are some activities you like to do during your vacations? We need to hit the road before a. Woman: The library is boring. We could do that anytime. How about on Monday we go down to the lake and go swimming at the lake?

Man: Ah, I don't know.

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I think it's going to hot that day, and I might get a sunburn. Woman: You didn't break your arm last time. You won't break it this time. Come on. We'll go. So Monday, we'll go to the lake; Tuesday, we're going to go mountain biking. Woman: Um, Wednesday, I was thinking we could go fishing.

conversation about summer vacation

Remember the last time we went? I caught like 10 huge fish. Woman: You know, I like board games, but we can do that anytime. Why don't we go. Friday or Saturday.

We'll do all those things we talked about and then Friday or Saturday, we'll go on a picnic to the mountains. The form collects name and email so that we can add you to our newsletter list for project updates. Check out our privacy policy for the full story on how we protect and manage your submitted data! Describe a vacation you took by yourself or with family and friends.

Where did go and what did you do? What did you enjoy most about the trip? Use the Internet to find a good place to take a vacation and find information to answer these questions:. Read complete Terms of Use for more information.

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conversation about summer vacation

Who's Randall? General Listening Quiz "Summer Vacations". See Listening Script. Back to Intermediate Quizzes. Level: Topic: Speakers: Length: intermediate vacation plans man - woman Listen to the recording and answer the questions.Hasem : Hello Sujon!

How are you? Sujon : I am fine. What's up to you? Hasem : I am also fine by the grace of Almighty. What are you thinking now?

Sujon : I am recollecting the incident about how I enjoyed the summer vacation. Hasem : Would you please describe it?

Sujon : Yes, why not? I went to my village home at Mymensingh. My heart leapt with joy when I met some known faces waiting for me. Hasem : Were they very happy to find you among them? Sujon : Certainly!

Articles on summer vacation

They were very happy to find me among them. They welcomed me heartily. I was also pleased with their rustic simplicity. Hasem : What did you do there?

conversation about summer vacation

Sujon : During my long stay there, I did a lot of things which gave me much pleasure and joy. The most interesting thing is that the village was free from urban noise. Hasem : Didn't you go to the river? We enjoyed the boat riding greatly. Hasem : I see you enjoyed much. Did you make friendship with them? Sujon : Yes. I visited their homes off and on and enjoyed their hospitality. Hasem : Oh, what a splendid summer vacation it was! Had I been with you! Sujon : I also visited a village fair in the neighbouring village.

That was a very crowded but enjoyable fair too. It would really be nice if you were with me. Hasem : Really I feel thrill. Thanks for your nice description.Talking about vacations in English is of the most common topics in a classroom, and why not? Who doesn't like to take vacations? Discussing vacations provides students with the opportunity to use travel-related vocabularyas well as a theme that all students enjoy.

Encouraging conversation about vacations to practice travel-related vocabulary. Share Flipboard Email. Kenneth Beare. Student survey followed by a choice of dream vacation based on student input. Intermediate to advanced. Introduce the topic of vacations by telling about one of your favorite vacations. Ask students to come up with different types of vacation activities and write these on the board. If necessary or helpful, review vocabulary about travel. Give each student a vacation survey and have them pair up to interview each other.

Once they've interviewed each other, have students choose a dream vacation for their partner. This exercise can be repeated numerous times with different partners. As a class, ask each student which vacation they chose for their partner and why.

Talking about Vacations In English

As a follow-up exercise, students can write a short essay by choosing a dream vacation and explaining the choice. Which sentence best describes your feelings towards vacations? My idea of a good vacation is staying at home. My idea of a good vacation is to visit a number of important cities and explore the culture. My idea of a good vacation is to travel to an exotic beach in a foreign country and then relax for two weeks.

My idea of a good vacation is to put on my backpack and disappear into the hills for a few weeks. Which type of travel do you think you would like the best? A long road trip in the car. A twelve-hour flight to a foreign country.


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